About Us

Gary Gutierrez

Business Owner • Craftsman • Father

garyheatherI was raised in the Pacific Northwest. The houses my family lived in over the years were always works in progress. From a very early age, I graduated from bright plastic toy tools to the real deal while helping around the house. I was always good with puzzles; before I connected a single piece, I could easily imagine what it would look like completed. Natural mechanical ability served me well throughout my career.

I studied accounting in college and worked for several years as a CPA. Here I mastered the art of customer service within a traditionally stressful subject area: personal finances. The job was about listening to a client’s goals, alleviating their fears and exploring and explaining all of their options. These skills I still use every day.

My lifelong dream was to own my own business. I noticed that my craftsman and trade clients were working steadily and making great money no matter how the stock market performed. After seeing an opportunity in the marketplace, I opened a glass repair shop. It didn’t take me long to learn the secret of marketing my own business: word of mouth referrals made by happy customers. Deliver good work at a fair price and you’ll always be busy. In a figurative sense, it was here that I also learned about transparency.

Transparency has been the cornerstone of my 20-year building career. Clearly explain your products and your process upfront, be honest every step of the way, and let your good work shine through. I worked as an independent contractor, mastered the trade, saved my money and bought my own shop: Allied Construction Services (ACS).

My role at ACS is much like the movie producers who pick up the Oscars for Best Picture. They secure the financing, manage the budget, report to investors, hire the talent (director, editor, actors, crew, etc.) and ensure everyone maintains a single artistic vision.  For your home project, it is my job to listen to your needs, hire the talent (carpenters, electricians, plumbers, drywallers, landscapers, etc.) and keep them on schedule and budget to realize your creative vision.

We love building and renovating homes and enjoy showing up to work every single day. That said, we never forget that our clients won’t be truly happy until the moment we’re gone and they can start enjoying their new home. After the job is done, we pride ourselves in knowing you will not need to call us again, until its time to begin your next project.